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Laura Islas

Weight Loss Specalist, Nutrition Coach,

and TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Specialist

Laura Islas

Through her own journey from morbid obesity, Laura has learned the value of life and enjoying all we have been given. She sees each day as a gift to embrace and seeks to make the most of it. Suffering with an additional 80 pounds of fat, high blood pressure and knee issues, Laura knows what it is like to have to work through difficult health issues to reach personal health and wellness goals. She lost the additional fat and has maintained this weight loss for 16 years with no high blood pressure, no medications and no orthopedic issues. This journey has inspired Laura share the truth about health and fitness.  For the past six years Laura has worked as a golf fitness specialist, nutrition coach and personal trainer at Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Windermere, Florida - one of the world's most premiere and exclusive golf clubs in the world. She works with recreational golfers

As a Human Movement Specialist, she has continued to pursue her education and has extensive experience working with a variety of clients: professional and amateur golfers, athletes, clients with physical disabilities, pre- and post-rehab, injury prevention, obesity, anorexia, osteoarthrosis, cardiac and stroke recovery, and strength training. Laura strives not just to instruct but to teach why behind proper biomechanics. She believes achieving and maintaining a heathy body is paramount to a great quality of life.

Laura is a Certified Level 3 Golf Fitness Specialist with TPI, Titleist Performance Institute. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Youth Fitness Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is a Certified Speed Specialist with the National Association of Speed and Explosion.

Laura is a Personal Trainer, Golf Fitness Specialist, and Nutrition Coach working with clients locally near Windermere, Florida and virtually around the world.

My Story

I would like to tell you a little of my journey to find wellness and how I found my higher purpose. I didn't always look like I do now. After having three children, and taking care of everyone except myself, my weight soared over 200 pounds. My body was falling apart. I had high blood pressure, a knee problem, which left me unable to walk up and down stairs, bursitis in my shoulder, and arthritis in my hip. The prognosis from the doctor was not good: medications and surgeries. My first reaction was to feel sorry for myself. I kept overeating and became even more depressed and bigger.

This picture is dificult for me to look at but I wanted you to understand my story. I realized I needed to make some changes in order to have a different way of life. I sought out diet books, websites and various programs. I studied until I found the truth about what works and what does not. That was the beginning of my journey to find wellness.

I am now 80 pounds lighter and am able to live life normally again. Are all of my problems gone? No, but I am healthy now. I am strong with a healthy amount of muscle, great flexiblity and low body fat. I am able to go on hikes with my children and keep up. I did not need to have any surgeries and I do not take any medications.

I am here to tell you wherever you are, it's never too late!